Bankers Hill is a tiny neighborhood in San Diego, sandwiched between Hillcrest, Downtown, Little Italy and bordered by the cities magnificent outdoor treasure, Balboa Park. 

As the city grows and expands, Bankers Hill is developing rapidly with new apartments and lofts quickly piling into the once calm and quiet streets, making it all the more reason to drop by and see it now before the tourists get there! 

Have a look below to find my top 5 favorite sites in Bankers Hill to provide you with some inspiration for your next photoshoot! 

1. Mister A's -

Location: 2550 5th Ave 12th Fl San DiegoCA 92103

Nestled high above the city, Mr. A's offers sites that are not to disappoint. Get a panoramic view of the downtown San Diego cityscape or watch the planes roll in over the amazing San Diego sunset. Grab a meal at the stunning restraunt overlooking America's Finest City, grab your camera, and get to snapping. Hint: Be sure to where a collared shirt as dress code is enforced!


2. The Britt Scripps Inn -

Location: 406 Maple St San DiegoCA 92103

A San Diego landmark, the Britt Scripps Inn is a historic building constructed during San Diego's Victorian era. Originally constructed in 1887 the Britt Scripps Inn is the vintage style architecture you have been looking for to separate your portfolio from the modernist revival San Diego is currently undertaking. 

3. The Martin Building -

Location: 401 Olive Street, San Diego, CA 92103


While street art may not be as popular in San Diego as it is in Los Angeles, Shepherd Fairy (street artist and founder of Obey clothing) left his mark on this historic building called the Martin Building.

This building is now a residence owned by LWP, a property management company converting old buildings into hip new spaces so you won't be able to go inside, but you can snap a photo Shepherd's handy work right out front! 

4. The Quince Street Bridge

Location400 Quince St., San DiegoCA 92103

Built in 1905 this small little bridge is a reminder of San Diego's yesteryear and provides breathtaking views of the canyons and on a clear day can see all the way down to the harbor! Use your camera to practice working the angles of the bridge to capture all aspects of its historic structure. Hint: Use the elements of design (color, texture, shape, etc) to help create a visual map of what to shoot 

5. Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

Location:  Spruce St 1st Ave, San DiegoCA 92103

Not for those afraid of heights the suspension bridge takes you deeper into Bankers Hill offering sweeping views across deep canyons.

This bridge is shaky as it is held by suspension cables which can make some folks feel uncomfortable however if you are up for the challenge the photographic rewards are well worth it as it offers an isolated escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and allows you to gain a unique vantage point over San Diego.

Where are you favorite places in Bankers Hill? I'd love to hear from you and where you like to photograph in and around San Diego. If you like this article share with a friend or drop a comment below!