We all go through changes but it is only when we are faced with a challenge and overcome it that we truly transform.

I know personally, I've been tested my fair share of times whether that meant moving across the country at 14 or losing a job. I know my relationship has been tested through bouts of financial uncertainty. What comes from these moments of adversity is brilliance and you at your finest. Clarity. 

For me losing a secure position at an advertising agency years ago was a moment that really made me question what I was good at. I decided to pursue photography more passionately and rigorously than ever before leading to more clients, teaching and more schools, and learning new and exciting ways to explore more craft. I began networking and meeting folks in the field who I could collect knowledge from and resurrected relationships from the past from those who had always been willing to help and talk. I began examining skills and putting them to the test in whatever way I could.

Wake up early to volunteer. IM THERE!

Meet with a mentor hours out of my way? WHAT TIME SHOULD I BE THERE? 


This transformation forged out of despair allowed me to crawl out anew, refreshed and awakened. This transformation lead to a shift in mindset that shook the heavens and never allowed me to look back. 

The Entreleadership is about a mindset. A mindset that embodies a can-do attitude. 

I believe that in our great country we all can utilize this mindset to propel our best abilities forward, but that doesn't come without hard work and sacrifice, and even some hard times. But I believe adamantly that keeping good information in your ear, like the Entreleadership podcast, we have a better chance of attaining our dreams by constantly soaking up new knowledge and perspectives from those who have already climbed the mountain and attained there own. 

Most recently, the Entreleadership podcast featured renowned speaker and author Simon Sinek to share some words of wisdom and I wanted to share a few of the quotes below and my major takeaways from the episode. I encourage those interested in pursuing their own business and personal growth to check out Entreleadership and anything that comes out of the Dave Ramsey camp here, including my most recent purchase, Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan.


Listen to Simon Sinek's portion of the podcast here:

"The solutions we find to overcome our weaknesses as children become our strengths as adults" 
"In this day and age where we seem to think we can run a business where we seem to think we can run a business from a desk... you are connected, but you are not connecting. No matter how connected you are, go connect with human beings." 

I would love to hear if you head over to the podcast and give the episode a listen. Be sure to share your thoughts in a comment below!