10 Ideas for an Affordable
(yet Elegant) Wedding

Do not be discouraged by an unforgiving wedding budget.
Here are a few top ideas to save on your wedding day without the expense of elegance!

1. Take your time

Take your time but use it effectively to compare prices, bargain, save, budget, and craft. Booking vendors closer to the date may limit your choices. Some vendors (like us) will work with your budget to fulfill your needs. Since time is money, extra time also means more time to save for your big day. Grow your wedding fund while you make your own decorations! Your wedding guests will appreciate the inventive crafts you personally created. 

2. Nix the Wedding Planner

Many websites suggest a wedding planning timeline to follow that will keep anything from falling through the cracks. This may save you an extra $3,000! TheKnot.com provides awesome planning tools, including a 12-month Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar. The timeline guide breaks down duties logically, keeping brides-to-be from becoming overwhelmed with unrealistic wedding to-do's!

3. Negotiate your photo package

Work with your photographer to find a package that is best for you. Perhaps a photographer offers full day coverage, but you are only having a brunch wedding; bargain for partial day coverage. Maybe you don't need the offered engagement shoot in their package... trade for photo coverage at your co-ed engagement party!


4. Be thrifty

Hunt for treasures at local antique shops, libraries, and thrift stores. You are likely to leave these stores with unique touches to complement your wedding decor and your pockets still full! Haven't you heart that vintage weddings are in? Also, gold spray paint can make almost anything look fabulous.

5. Support start ups

Support a (local) start up. Start up entrepreneurs have a smaller client base, meaning they work more directly with you. You are likely to get genuine, quality service along with their personal touch. We love to meet couples for a complimentary consultation and weeks before the big day to learn more about their preferred styles and ensure we are prepared to capture what is most important to them.

6. Consider Faux-Flowers

Fresh flower expenses range from 1,000 to $3,000 and do not last after your wedding day. Try using faux flowers, dried flowers, garlands, or succulents to accent your wedding day. 

ART IS BEING-Photography-Wedding-Faux-Flowers


7. Do it your damn self

Use your wits and do it your damn self! There are how-to videos and video tutorials all over the internet. 

8. Hire friends 

Isn't this what friends are for? Hire friends and/or the wedding party to help. Better yet, borrow decorations from them. More than likely, your friends will be thrilled to be a part of your big day are more than willing to help. 


Lawn games like Corn Hole, Bocce Ball, Tic-Tac-Toe or a Bean Bag Toss may make great entertainment! Interactive games will encourage your guests to enjoy themselves, leaving you less stressed as you eat dinner and make your rounds. Kid friendly tables with wedding themed greetings will keep kiddos busy and makes for sweet memorabilia.

ART IS BEING-Photography-Affordable-Kid-Friendly-Wedding

10. Book your date economically

Some vendors offer a discounted rate for events off-season. For example, wedding venues may charge hundreds less to host your event on a Friday or Sunday night. 

Do you have any other ideas for an affordable, elegant wedding? Please share below in a comment. 
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