This past Friday it was an honor and privilege to be able to join my classmates, colleagues and total strangers as we gathered together at the San Diego to attend Creative Mornings. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Creative Mornings (a movement that spans more than 151 cities worldwide) it has become a monthly pilgrimage that I have been recommending to anyone willing to bear the title of the creative. This broad term is part of the beauty that embodies Creative Mornings, hosting a slew of guests from all walks of life, from the photographer to the doctor, actor to the lawyer and everyone in between.

This months topic was on "Love" and lead by Scott Lewis, CEO and Editor in Chief of the San Diego Voice, a non profit that focusses on a news first policy -- exposing truths and expanding the conversation rather than projecting fluff material. The result has been a highly successful digital publication that uses its powers for good, justice and social change. 

In the lecture (posting soon) Scott recalls a time in the Voice's infancy by which they had to undergo significant budget and employee cuts in order to stay afloat, an issue unbeknownst to the staff. After laying off several strong staff members Scott realized they needed help and rather than dig a deeper whole he explained the story to others and put the issue to the public. By doing so he was able to secure new donors and ultimately pull the magazine back on a positive track that continued to spiral on positive momentum. 


And how does love connect? 

Scott assures us that to truly love something we have to be willing to be vulnerable with our struggles. At the time of the budget cuts, he had not acknowledged the problem and took an extreme moment to expose such vulnerabilities.

Scott encourages us as creative to embrace importance to be open and honest with our struggles on the rise to success. These moments of weakness are the very same moments that our clients, our critics, and our fans are drawn towards. 


And the more we are able to confront and build from them ultimately become our key to success.

Be yourself. 

Stay Hungry.

Stay Foolish.