Whenever faced with moments of stress music acts as a miracle agent to calm the nerves. 

Lately my music selection has been rather unique, searching the sound waves for the inspirations of my own idols. Rather than listening to Michael Jackson, I've been tossing on some James Brown and in the process finding myself back at Kanye West after a week long marathon of Coloring Book from Chance the Rapper.

College Dropout has and will always hold an important role in my musical repertoire. Not only did it come out a time when I was graduating high school and questioning the merit of a college degree, it expressed a point of view. It stood to me as the ultimate testament of what pure dedication to ones craft could produce. It pushed for a pursuit of ones dreams. And Kanye stood as living proof telling those listening that he did it and that you could too.

"Now I could let these dream killers kill my self esteem or I could use my arrogance as steam to power my dreams"
"I ain't play the hand I was dealt I changed my cards, I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars"

In the song "Last Call" Kanye chronicles the story of his come up from broke Chi-City producer to meeting Jay-Z and spitting his first verses. Its a tale of humbling experiences, an uncatchable work ethic, and a self belief that only the likes of folks like Muhammed Ali could understand.

Give it a listen here and be sure to drop a comment if the song impacted you.