It is scientific fact the gratitude reciprocates. 💯

As a visual learner, photography has always clicked with me giving me the ability to document my journey. It was my practice in the arts that allowed the chance to create a seamless connection between motivation, instruction, assessment, and practical application leading me to a deeper understanding of the world. 📚

As a photographer, teacher, and professor I look to my studies in the arts as a blessing, shaping the way I see the world and creating a pathway to a career I love and the ability to connect with people on a genuine level. 📷

It is an amazing feeling to be able to give back to the San Diego community and inspire others to explore their talents and share their perspective with the world. A major thank you to the @davidsharpfoundation for allowing me to build this photography program with you, to @sonyalpha for the equipment and resource, and to @freebasephotos for assisting each week and making an impact in these students lives. 📷

Art Is Being was founded in the concept that the arts are what makes us most human. To create is to be. ARTISBEING.