You look. But do you ever really see? 👀

Living in San Diego we have no shortage of amazing sights with a landscape encompassing mountains and beaches all under the vibrancy of the year round sunshine. ☀️ But just like any other city you can take the views for granted, looking, but never really seeing. 📷

This past week I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park though I've been there dozens of times seeing it illuminated in such a new light and for a different purpose made me reimagine the scenery. 🌴

How often do you go about your day just looking, missing al the details that frame the world around you, and never really seeing what is there in front of you? For the photographers who follow this page I hope this is part of our regimen already. For newcomers to photo or beginners I hope this gives you a chance to see in a new light.