Don't get me wrong, our wedding day was perfect! Although, there were a few things that I wished had gone smoother. A few newlyweds (including Alex and I) would love to share regrets and advice to future brides and grooms.


Avoid a faint-like feeling by getting something in your stomach. Although it may be the last thing on your mind, trust your rumbling gut and have a bite before things get even busier. You will need enough energy to get through hair and makeup (which is already exhausting), to soak up the caffeine you will probably have, to face the jittery excited nerves, photoshoots, ceremony, grand entrance, and first dance. Whew!

I made it a point to have Lechon (a delicacy dish of whole, charcoal roasted pig) at our dinner reception... and I didn't even taste it! My groom was having so much fun, that he didn't have his slice of cake. Bottom line is: empty plates and cups is an ultimate no-no. Taste everything. You chose the menu and caterer for a reason! Blow kisses to your guests from your table and chow down.



Schedule a few minutes sometime during the day to have alone time together--sans the photographers, the bridal party, the wedding coordinator. Use this time to pray, laugh, dance, cry, or just sulk the day in. 

Ask someone in your wedding party to take your phones away from you for the day. Focus in on the moment. Everyone you love should be around you, anyway.



More importantly, decide what is most important to you. Communicate and delegate your requests to the vendors. White roses in the vase, red roses on the table? Got it. 

Tell your photographer exactly which shots you must have. They should be thankful for your input! Feel free to share that you admire natural lighting the most, which side is your “good side”, or that you must have photos of you and the flower girl--as a gift to her on her future wedding day. 

Share your expectations to all of your vendors--your florist, caterer, and DJ. Yes, they are professionals and know what they’re doing. But they ultimately want to make you happy. Let them know how. 



Lastly, the biggest regret that we hear. From our newlywed couple friends to you: don't hire your cousin's friend who just got a new camera. Sure, you might save some money--but does he really know what he is doing? Don't rely on your guests' iPhone quality photos and videos. 

Hiring a professional to capture the special memories of your day will bring you and your family solace and cheer. Let the memories of your wedding day live on through the photos and videos. Allow a professional to handle capturing these moments, so you and your guests can actually enjoy the celebration. 

We hope you take our advice into consideration and have an amazing wedding day. 

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