Creative Mornings is an event happening across the globe bringing creatives together for the common good - fostering growth in a community that overwhelmingly fielded by introverts and creating an atmosphere that challenges us all to interact with each other, learn from our experiences, network and grow together. And don't get me wrong by no means is the event solely for creatives. In fact I believe that non creative minds yield the most profitable returns for attending allowing themselves to challenge the status quo and old mentality concepts of the office or work life balance and to consider new plans and ideas that are all to often chagrined in the 9-5 land. 

Its overwhelmingly becoming my favorite event of the month - each time with new faces to greet, new stories to tell and listen too, and all the free donuts and coffee you can handle.

Over the past two months I've taken pride in the initiative set forth by Creative Mornings and have even taken it upon myself to volunteer at the past two events, registering new participants along the way. 

This months lecture series was quite different and lead by multiple speakers in the field as they all related their work and issue towards the concept and construct of time. With Four speakers including Suzy Lee, Brandon Steppe, Alexander Collins, and Carl Kish, these emerging leaders in the field were able to articulate what time means to them and how working with it rather than against it can serve us to reach our maximum potential. What was interesting was how each perspective was so inherently different yet cohesively similar. Suzy spoke on taking ones time and the importance of slow and steady wins the race. Carl spoke on how time is of the essence and acting now (especially in regards to the future generations and impending issues of the world such as global warming and climate change) is of extreme importance. 

With the holidays approaching and the new year approaching I pose the following: Make the most of your time. There is only so much time in a day and as far as I know there is no way to extend the time that we are given. So maximize it by cutting out the unnecessary and do things that you enjoy with people that you love.

Whats your opinion on time and the workplace? How can you make better use of your time in the new year? Feel free to answer in the comments below.

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