The New Year is nearly upon us and I reckon many of us will be recycling the same resolutions we created in years past..lose weight, go to the gym, stop (insert vice). These are all great resolutions but this year I'd like to propose an ideology similar, yet different.

In my eyes the concept of a resolution triggers that I am to create a resolve for a problem that exists -- and that can often be a hard place to start as the year begins. That is why I propose creating New Year Goals.

I believe setting goals rather than rectifying our problems will also lead us in a positive route and to a path we may have always wanted to take, but couldn't muster up the courage and drive to follow through. 

Make them as specific as possible as to not falter. Setting to lofty of a goal makes accomplishing it equally as lofty a conquest.

I have set several goals I myself hope to follow through in the New Year 

1. Volunteer and work to get funding for art programs in the San Diego Juvenile Detention Center

2. Learn an understand the ins and outs of sales, particularly as it relates to content and content creation.

3. Meet President Barack Obama...or Kanye West...or both (I know a long shot, but I'm an avid believer of dreaming big.

Remember that creating the goal is only half the battle! How you follow through with them is in your hands and our conversation starter for 2016!

What Goals will you be creating in 2016 and how will you work to see them through? Who will you work with to keep you accountable?

Wishing Peace to you for the New Year,