It's only fitting that with the addition to my expansion into the content market that I begin my digital foray of knowledge transference with Mark Cuban's, "If I Can Do It, You Can Do It." For a mere $4.99 on Amazon for your Kindle or $9.99 for the paperback you to can buy this short and fulfilling read, one in which I highly recommend. 

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I recently suggested to my fiancée to read one of my business books. While we both work in fields that are admittedly very different I feel that the language of business and creativity lend a hand to any pursuit, particularly in a nation built on capitalism, where sales is equally as important to the artist as it is to your family doctor. From my analysis after digesting countless biographies and autobiographies of those who have created some form of success for themselves, I have taken away several key points with one main feature calling loudly as though it were some sort of tribal right of passage. The willingness to BELIEVE in oneself and the proper PREPARATION

Surely we've all been faced with the cartoon-like depiction of the human conscious  weighing heavily on each side of our shoulders, often depicted as good and evil or in this case the voice of reason and of deception. To many times we cater to the latter, believing in our hearts that we are not good enough, that we cannot succeed, that we are to accept the fate handed to us with no sense of challenge. Stand in line; wait our turns.

Poor Homer.

Poor Homer.


The second voice we often chagrin as the impossible. The voice of reason can be misconstrued as the voice of deception, placing our hopes and dreams so far from grasp that they seem unattainable. 

While you may feel very strongly about wanting to start your business and inclined to finally make a leap of faith to begin, the next step may be the most important part and translates to any endeavor we undertake, whether its starting a new business or playing a sport.

That step is preparedness. 

"Everyone has got the will to win, its only those that have the will to prepare that do win." 

Cuban quotes long time basketball coach Bobby Knight to give us some insight here which we can link to the sport of basketball. Its inevitable that to be great one must practice everyday, review changes to the game, strengthen the body and mind, almost to a degree that you have foresight during the game. This preparedness allows you to develop the edge. With the edge you will have the ability to see your opponents next move, steal the ball, pivot, and sink the open jumper. With it you will be able to lead.

On preparedness Mark, also describes others willingness to attain the level of preparation needed to compete. "They hadn't read it then and they still haven't started reading it. Most people won't put in the time to get a knowledge advantage." Mark attributes his success toward his willingness to outperform. While others at his job did not know how to use the product, or how and why it worked, Mark was spending countless hours doing just that. He was analyzing basic office structure and ways that productivity could increase. In other words Mark was always learning in order to attain a "competitive edge". And while this same knowledge (especially in the internet age) could in theory be attained by everyone he worked with, Mark began to realize that his coworkers were not willing to put in the time it took to gain this advantage. The result is that Mark became a master of his craft, no doubt the building blocks for his future companies. 

"While everyone else is talking about nonsense like the will to win and how they know they can be successful, you are preparing yourself to compete so that you will be successful.

Through the proper level and balance of developing a mindset to go for your dreams and KNOWING that they are possible with the proper amount of preparation, dreams really are possible. And that is not to say that your business can still fail. Perhaps the industry is crippling, the economy is in the tank, or your level of no how isn't quite there. That is okay and for many of us the push and pull of "failure" will help us develop what it is we need to be doing.

To finish in the words of Mr. Cuban , remember, "You only have to be right once."