2015 was filled with creative gifts all across the board particulary with new music and how we listen to it. Not only were we blessed with Kendrick Lamars, To Pimp a Butterfly, the launch of Apple Music and Radio birthed OTHERtone and Abstract Radio with Pharrell Williams and Qtip Respectively.

Be ready for your mind to explode, getting hit with new music each week brought to you by two of the greatest producers (and two of my favorite artists) that the world has ever known.

Click the link below for two of my favorite episodes.

ABSTRACT RADIO FEATURING QTIP, CHRIS ROCK, LEONARDO DICAPRIO, and DAVE CHAPELLE (Hilarious) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_ypSUj3nUw

OTHERtone - FEATURING JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND CARA DELEVIGNE- http://theneptunes.org/2015/07/othertone-episode-1-with-pharrell-williams-scott-vener-justin-timberlake-cara-delevingne-2015/