I was recently contacted by my friend and colleague, Amina Sheik Mohamed, Director | Youth and Community Mobilization Programs at the University of California San Diego to photograph the Global Fresh Launch Party. It was a celebration of international feasts compiled by Leah's Pantry in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee of San Diego (IRC), the United Women of East Africa Support Team, and the UC San Diego for Community Health. 

The night was filled with amazing food and laughter, accompanied by a drum circle led by Nana Asiedu (www.facebook.com/nanadrumming) who leads drum circles for the World Beat Center for school and business here in San Diego.

I brought my second shooter, Keron ,with me who was able to help me capture all of the special moments. We were graciously awarded the "Around the World at the Farmers Market" cookbook featuring recipes from San Diego' s African and Middle Eastern Community Cooks.

Overall we had a blast and the happy faces below help tell that story better than words!