For the greater part of the year I have been a devote listener to the Petapixel podcast after finding it on the top photography podcasts on my Itunes search. 

Petapixel is not your average everyday photography podcast. It provides key insight into all that is happening in photography, in particular the market, as reviews of new equipment, launches, and speculation provides bi-weekly commentary from the charismatic conductor, Sharky James. 

I refer each and everyone of my students to the show, in particular at the Art Institute of California - San Diego, to the show so we can discuss key points and debate new developments. 

Remember in the words of Mark Cuban, "Most people won't put in the time to get a knowledge advantage" 

Take the time to listen to Sharkey's wisdom and watch how the advantage you gain has the potential to set you light years beyond your competition.

Thank you Sharkey for the opportunity, it is greatly appreciated! My feature will be aired on Episode 46 on Wednesday, February 10, 2016.

Everyone be sure to head over to Petapixel and subscribe to the entire series.