Through my work in the media field, I am blessed with the opportunities to constantly make new connections and find new ventures that keep my mind stimulated - conceiving new ideas, techniques, and skills in the process. 

Recently I was given with the opportunity to work alongside my friend and future brother in law, Keron Legall, on a project we are very vested in -- involving the mentorship and development of a skill and mentality that is needed to become a successful leader, translatable through all walks of life. 

Keron is an incredible likable guy. On meeting him his charisma and passion are features that instantly reel you in.

Dominating the courts of his local gym, he became the go to player on the court for advice on how to improve everything from a jump shot to mental focus. This lead to him meeting his student, Ashley, who Keron is currently mentoring. 

Keron is there through it all, in one on one private lessons, recording the games, reviewing the footage, and even inviting her to family events and church. By combining on the court skills with a leaders mindset, Keron believes is the recipe to success. 

Stay tuned for a documentary we are working on that transcends basketball and media, and emotes a triumphant story of the human spirit.