As I grow in my business and as a person, I am realizing the ability to collaborate and work with new people, ideas, and skills is become an imperative -- allowing me to take on new roles and expand into new mediums. 

Recently through one of the various networking events I attend regularly in San Diego, Creative Mornings, I had the opportunity to meet Briana.

Briana is a graphic design artist who has big dreams as well. While volunteering at the event, serving coffee to the other participants, we had the opportunity to build and exchange resources are helping us find a footing in the market. I learned about her podcast and her talent of typography as well as resources she is listening to such as the Smart Passive Income podcast that is inspiring her not only as an artist, but as an entrepreneur. 

Its meeting inspiring people like Briana each week that keeps me inspired as I aspire to grow and learn. 

And thats what its all about


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