Inspired by San Diego I have begun to launch a series of ART IS BEING shirts for retail and advertising. I have learned so much in the process and grateful to begin to start projects like this. 

As a San Diego based artist who has worked with numerous artists and art organizations both locally and abroad I have been working with colleagues, models, and friends to help aid in the photoshoots for the shirts promotional usage. 

Working with Outside the Lens as an educator and creative strategist for a year this process began with my friend Hilary Moore who is an educator for the program as well as a local San Diego photographer. The result, shot in the beautiful redwood section of the historic Balboa Park became the first of many lifestyle shoots for the brand.

With my background primarily forged in fashion photography from an upbringing through Art Partner, Art and Commerce, and IMG Models my second shoot was an in studio session with model and fellow artist, Karly Ryner of Brand Models, a Los Angeles based modeling agency, where we were able to get some crisp and clean photos for the web and Ecommerce while still adding an artistic flair to the shots.

As the project expands we plan to develop and expand our roots working with organizations across America and expanding our model talent pool and roster. The goal is to include people who embody the vibe of the brand, believing that their ability to be creative and create helps define their sense of purpose. Guests slated to occur in the series include some top tier models, and artists from institutions such as UCSD, The Aja Project, Outside the Lens, SDSU, CSUSM, and many more.

In addition to purchasing online the shirt can also be found in stores throughout San Diego, beginning with the Lux Institute where it can currently be purchased at the Lux Store with plans to expand through the City. 

Thank you for the continued support and remember 

To create is to be. ART IS BEING.