As my business continues to grow its important to reflect on what has got you so far, stay humble and stay learning. To paraphrase that in a much more eloquent manner I believe it was the great Steve Jobs citing the famous Whole Earth Catalog, "STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH" 

I'm reminded constantly why this concept is more important than ever as a navigate through the new normal our economy and society is beginning to create. The infrastructure of yesteryear are being torn down with the rise of access to information. Leaving those not willing or unable to adapt out in the dust. 

I read an article this morning from an old colleague of mine, a former manager with IMG Models, who shared this post earlier this morning on her instagram feed and grabbed my attention instantly. 

Working in the photography industry I am learning how some companies are either completely opposed to this new way of thinking (and facing the repercussions of this) while others are rising to the top, quickly, diversifying, and setting new standards for the game. 

Not convinced, let me give you two examples...

In education students are teetering with this concept. While some millennials are quick to take off with it and run with this concept in my courses others still cling to the idea of the institution. Believing that if they have completed a degree, shot a certain amount of photographs this will land them a job. While those items do not deter you from a job I explain to them that the X factor is still needed. They will need to find a new and unique way to promote their work and relying on the institution is a gamble.

The same can be a said in the workforce. Titles of empowerment often merely serve as crutches, allowing some to cling to a time past. Instead employees have open access to empower themselves, serve the company in new ways and find ways to be rewarded for it. This will continue to occur as technology advances in the workplace while those at the top fail to continue to learn.

The article really got me thinking about what I do, teach, and service is directly related to this new way of thinking. Not focussing on the money, but rather knowing that the money will come when combined with positive practices - and in that same breadth knowing that money is not the end all be all goal. Its living a life of positivity, self fulfillment, and a healthy attitude and approach to it all.

Remember to stay one step ahead of the curve, STAY HUNGRY AND STAY FOOLISH.