Last year while I took it upon myself to really put myself out there and start reaching out to some of my favorite artists.

Much like many of the people who currently inspire me like Lewis Howes, Richard Branson and many others I wanted to apply the principle of "the best way to learn is to listen to someone who does it better than you." 

My goal was to find what made other artists tick, what made them unique, what separated them from the pack of the millions of others, hungry to land a big client.

On a whim I reached out to one of my favorite artists, Steven Harrington, a Los Angeles artist whose work embodies a certain since of cool, embracing the Southern California psychedelic pop art aesthetic. 

To my surprise I was embraced and allowed to come into the studio and meet with the man himself. A crazy experience to meet someone you look up to, especially when you get to learn how real they are and what makes them tick.

I recently spoke to Steven over the phone nearly a year later and the vibe instantly came through that I remember. Someone who is down to earth and full of great advice. I learned so much from our conversation namely to STAY HUMBLE and NEVER STOP THE HUSTLE. It was just what I needed to hear that morning and inspired a lecture the following morning. 

There are times when you may feel down and out. Like you have tried everything. That you are just looking for that next big break. But no major success grew overnight. It took love, nurturing, and a relentless passion that never stops and doesn't miss a beat. 

I was reminded how fragile our definition of success was. And that maybe the goal is not to even feel like you have made it. That way you keep working, keep churning out projects that are meaningful you, and stay passionate about what you love avoiding being jaded at all costs. 

Remember its all about the journey, not the destination.