Every so often I am fortunate enough to recommend a book to someone. I think that there is something so great about such a gift often given to provide guidance or share mutual understanding. 

Last Thursday, before heading to the Sequoia National Forest for a much needed reprieve this Memorial Day weekend I had the opportunity to stop in to the newly finished Moniker General, a San Diego based retail space to meet with the founder and owner Ryan Sisson. We chatted life, our goals for our businesses, and inspirations that have led us to the entrepreneurial path we both pursue. In talking influences Ryan mentioned the newly written memoir by Nike found Phyl Knight titled Shoe Dog. 

In the memoir Knight recounts his story from small town kid from Oregon to Nike billionaire crediting what he considers his "Crazy Idea" which spoiler alert ends up becoming the Nike corporation that we know today. Full of ups and downs Shoe Dog is a triumphant story of risk, self discipline, creation and success. 

How many of us can relate to having a so called "Crazy Idea." An idea that may have not been the norm, an idea that you work tirelessly on and wonder why you are called to act on it. Knight encourages the reader to not only pursue the idea but to never give up.

In other words, "Just Do It".