To accompany my Goodreads  portfoli I wanted to share some of the new reads I've been picking up and how they've helped, influenced, or inspired me. As an educator I get the opportunity to see first hand how impactful a good read can be and how it can be used to develop anything from a lesson plan to my own perspective. 

This week on an eventful weekend of napping and reading, I came across two books that I had to buy for the weekend. The first, a book titled, On the Shortness of Life iIs Long If You Know How To Use It, by Seneca which I first heard reference to listening to Tai Lopez (American businessman) The book is set to tell us that as humans we are prone to distraction. Ultimately saying life is fleeting however if you use it correctly and efficiently, life is just enough time. 

The second book is Jimmy Carters newest book, A Call to Action. I first heard about this book on Jon Stewart when Mr. Carter was a guest on the show, telling of his heroics for water in Africa. In A Call to Action, Carter describes his beliefs on numerous topics including women's rights, power, and religion. I've only scratched the surface of the book but its very interesting to hear the scope of Mr. Carters life and how it has influenced him. Growing from a small boy on a farm to President of the United States. 

I'll give a full review on the two in the next week, but wanted to set the precedence to the upkeep of this blog. Feel free to leave any comment or suggestions below. 

Please find attached a link to my Goodreads