Looking for new ways to grow, engage new participants and learn from others in the field is a way that I myself stay focussed and interested in my role in the work-sphere. In my work with Outside the Lens, a startup based in San Diego I take place in any networking event I can find. Our region is often overlooked and overshadowed by the major art cities California has natured (San Francisco and Los Angeles) however San Diego has a growing scene that reminds me of my early days in Brooklyn. Young people congregating in specific pockets, doing what they can to make it flourish, gallery opening here, pop up here and all the craft beer you can drink along the way.

However what is happening in San Diego, only happens toward one end of the region leaving the Northern region dry from any major happenings. The NCAN or North County Arts Network was developed to bridge that gap, forming an artist coalition of sorts from politicians to painters to gain funding, events, and artists to the region. Institutions from my undergraduate Alma Mater at CSUSM to the Escondido Center of the Arts and Lux Institute are all there in action scheming news to reach success.

These meetings are incredibly important to me as my pursuit in the arts began at California State University San Marcos as a freshmen with literally no idea what I was even doing in college. It was there that my mind was crafted to think independently, use technology to my benefit, and create. As Outside the Lens continues to expand I can only hope north county will be able to house us.

The reason for this post is the power to work with others to create something great. To pair together with individuals with a similar interest as often as you can to build dreams into reality. Thats where it all starts. And you may have friends along the way who question you on what your doing -- how do even have time for this? why do you even care? They don't get it. But you do.

Go out there creatives. Spark minds. Change lives.

Be you.