Its not often I find the time to completely detach - freeing oneself from the day to day, the emails, the laundry..whatever it is that feels as though its taken ahold of you at times and won't let go. I had this very opportunity the last weekend of my Spring Break and planned an Echo Park getaway with my love that proved much needed. It was about nothing and everything. Relaxing and learning. Soaking it all in, the culture of the street markets of Echo and Silverlake, the serenity of Griffith, the knowledge at the California Science Center. It was beautiful.


I think we all need moments like this. While on the work hustle all to often I think we are prone to become consumed. Deadlines, budgets, stress. They are all important factors in the workplace and in our day to day that should never be overlooked. However stepping away, the ability to escape, I see as equally important. And while it may not always be the goal often it circles back to work and productivity. Maybe that trip opened a new connection or a new way of thinking. Maybe stepping away for five minutes from the screen allowed you to see it again with fresh eyes.


As I return to the classroom, I know I feel at peace, eager to see what has developed over the break, and a new set of stories to share along the way.