Being able to share a gift is a tremendous part of my being and a large part of why I gravitate towards the arts. It allows self expression through a lot of soul searching and perseverance, along with all the research, technique, and technical training that one is able to expend.  

As a teacher being able to use that wisdom to impart to your students is something beautiful. They can learn from your follies, build from your triumphs, and soak up your knowledge like a sponge.

I have been able to experience this with each and every one of my students and seeing it come full force as one of my students, V, was accepted into the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego 25 and Under competition. Its moments like this as a teacher where you can look back and truly feel proud to at least be apart of the process and hoping for each and everyone of them to reach higher and higher! 

To anyone interested in voting for V's work in the competition log into facebook, search for MCASD, and like the post shown below under the album 25 and under contest! The competition ends June 5 so be sure to vote!

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