If your a space nerd like myself I'm certain your already aware of the social media upheaval that has emerged throughout Outer Space in the last few years. NASA and astronauts alike have take to the phenomenon expanding on our real time documentation is able to shorten our wait time and receive live viewing of our universe from the Cosmos. 

Over the past two weeks Astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson, host of Star Talk radio and Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, engaged in the conversation with the likes of twitter and social media in space calling in the likes of twitters own Biz Stone and Chris Hadfield to expand on the phenomenon.  

Link to Star Talk Radio episodes: 

The Impact of Twitter on Society with Boz Stone:


Social Media in Space with Chris Hadfield: 


More with Neil can be found here: Star Talk 

Lastly, and a little of topic, but still in space theme I leave you with a bit from the Bombay Bicycle Club called Home By Now. With a Wes Anderson feel they have children reenact Stanley Kubrick's classic work, 2001 Space Odyssey.