As a Creative Strategist a large part of my job is to look into new technologies and assess and how and why they would be beneficial to a business. Below are a few examples of applications (both web and mobile based I initiated to improve company efficiency and productivity.


  • Access your assets anywhere
  • Handle checkouts on the go 
  • Cut costs and minimize loss 







As part of a podcasting series, my friend Matt Robinson and I have created a podcasting series titled "We Is Cultured" a podcast centered around the idea of the "come up" or how artists, creatives, and people from all sorts of walks of life define success, this risks they have taken, and the mindset they developed hence forth.

In addition I am a featured guest on the Ballroom 2 Basement podcast, a Brooklyn based hip-hop podcast revolving around personalities DJ Ian Hamilton, Jay, and Randy. 

In order to learn podcasting better I have prepared by purchasing the Audio Technica 2500 USB microphone and currently using Garageband for recording. I have subscribed to Libsyn as our Podcast Host of choice.